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The Give Back Organization (GBO) is a nonprofit organization designed to help students obtain the necessary skills to maximize their opportunities for an advanced education beyond high school.


The primary focus of GBO is to get students the additional help needed to improve in Math, Science, English and Computer Technology skills for the future. In doing so, we are willing to go to the next step for our student's by helping prepare them for the End-of-Grade testing and for college admission exams, such as the SAT/ACT.

The organization will prepare the students with SAT/ACT computer software as well as one-on-one training. Also, the students will be offered tutors in subjects that are most difficult to them.

Elderly and Computers
Elderly and CyberSpace >
The goal of GBO is to provide the elderly with the knowledge and tools to use the Internet to their advantage.  Senior citizens can also be more knowledgeable about certain health conditions they may have and it will help them to learn how to cope with the illness and in many cases overcome it.


Academic >
NC Elite is a partner that help's students go through Academic Placement Testing

Life Builder
A better life >

Life Builder is a program that was established for young adults, ages 17-21.  This program is designed to help underemployed youth.  Life Builders targets youth that are interested in developing employable skills and making a better life for themselves. 

This program offers GED courses, skilled trades and Human Resource Development Classes (HRD).  The participants are given a chance to learn the skills needed to earn a living wage. 

"Ability is what you're capable of doing...

Motivation determines what you do...

Attitude determines how well you do it."