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The Give Back Organization wants see things through the eyes of the community.

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2007 Community Outreach

Every year the Give Back Organization holds a community outreach at the Biltmore Hills Community Park. This event allows everyone to come together and fellowship with family, friends, and introduce new individuals to the community. GBO is trying to bring back the tradition of families coming together and enjoying one another.

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2008 Community Outreach

GBO was able to hand out one hundred backpacks filled with school supplies. This was made possible because of sponsors such as Sam's Club (on South Saunders), Ribs by Art, Men at Work and Wal-Mart. These sponsors and their generous contributions allow GBO to host the event each year in August.

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Raleigh Fire Department / Raleigh Police Department

RFD and RPD comes out to support the Community Outreach.

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2010 Community Outreach "Closing the Gap in the Community"

On August 14, 2010, we will be hosting our 5th annual East Raleigh Community Day. At the corner of Raleigh Blvd and Glasscock Street. This event will allow the community to see all the resources that the city has to offer the community. The following organization are sponsor's of this year community event Wake Med, Raleigh Parks and Recreation, Food Lion, PK Management, NAACP, Frito Lay, Pepsi and Capital City Cruisers.

Activities at the Event:
Wake Med

  • Diabetes Testing
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol Testing
Capital City Cruisers
  • Car Show
  • Raffle

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